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  • Where in Chester?
    Where in answers

    Where in Chester?

    The most dedicated bookworms in Chester have revealed themselves.
    Irving Schlinger of Chester writes that the detail in last week's clue can be found "next to the entrance to the Chester Public Library, on the back of one of their benches. Benches were donated by the Friends of the Library Organization."

  • Where in Goshen?

    Where in Goshen?

    There were a few good guesses, but no one nailed last week's Where In Goshen? clue.
    The clue shows a detail from the pillar...

    • Sep 14, 2017 03:14 pm
  • Where in Chester?

    Where in Chester?

    It happens sometimes. No one got last week's Where In Chester? clue right.
    Perhaps readers were too busy enjoying the last...

    • Sep 7, 2017 12:23 pm
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