History’s Repetition

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History has proven that for survival mankind would walk any distance and face any challenge, but when helping another human being, there’s always been a limit to how far they would go to help. These limitations are often fueled by hatred, which historically had very negative outcomes that led to some of the most devastating tragedies worldwide.

Tragedies like the Holocaust and recent events in Central America created political crises in which people need to find a safe place. Many of these people have tried to go to America, the home of the golden door only to find that to be free from persecution is closed off for them.

The damage that is caused by countries being closed off or unaccepting of other people should have been learned from these tragedies.

Remembering the past, no matter how dark it seems, and shining light on humankind’s past mistakes lowers the likelihood of mistakes reoccurring or hate spreading in the future.

However, hate lives throughout history. The Holocaust was a tragedy caused by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, who took millions of lives.

These people made up a number so large that it’s difficult to comprehend or come close to imagining. Especially when imagining those people dead.

Tragedies like these occurred for one reason only: hatred. They’re many recent events that share similarities to the Holocaust, and similarities to a genocide which took lives and victimized millions. This should be a red flag that something has to change.

When there is danger spreading in one area the human response is fight, flight or freeze. However, flight may not be a choice based off of where people choose their residency. When people flee, they seek a second chance; they seek freedom and strength, and they hold on to hope.

Central Americans are fleeing for the chance at survival for themselves and their families.

In both the Holocaust and Central America people fled just for a chance at survival. If they had stayed in their home countries, they would have most likely lost that chance. However, the majority of the Jewish refugees were turned down by America because they didn’t want to get involved in the war.

The Central American refugees are denied entrance to our country because people claim if they enter the country, they will bring crime. However, most people have hatred or misinformation that is directed toward the Central Americans because of their nationality.

Although you’ll never be certain of people’s true intentions, we deny people based off of what we think will happen because people will enter our country anyway. Our country is locking the borders with walls, but will we stop there?

In our hatred, we will complete the wall and then will have to build a ceiling. Then we’ll be shut out of the world, forced to live in the darkness of our past mistakes or newest tragedies.

The only way to prevent another tragedy is to let people in and stop hate.

Zendrah Bonnick

Eighth grader

Washingtonville Middle School

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County chose this essay as the winner of its annual Stop Hate Essay Contest. The contest is open to all 7th-12th grade students in Orange County.

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