Google Classroom, G Suite … what is it and how is my child using it to learn?

To find out, approximately 20 parents joined Jonathan Redeker, K-12 technology coordinator, on Sept. 27or the first of four Parent Google Trainings offered by the district.

Redeker walked parents through G Suite so that they could see firsthand the tools their children use daily. Using the district’s Chromebooks, parents logged into their children’s G Suite account, connected to their children’s teachers’ Google Classrooms and learn about Google Drive, Docs, Calendar and more.

All Goshen students in grades K-12 are assigned a G Suite account (formerly Google Apps for Education) so that they may easily connect to their teachers’ Google Classrooms and have instant access and sharing ability with teachers and classmates.

The three remaining will be held Oct. 11, 18 and 25 at Goshen High School. To register, visit