— The Village of Goshen declared a state of emergency on Friday after a water main break late Thursday night.

Mayor Kyle Roddey said village residents should boil their water until further notice. He posted the advisory on the village's Facebook page:

"As the general location of the break has been isolated and certain valves have been reopened, we are getting reports of residents seeing water pressure returning. The crews are still working to find the exact location of the leak. We are receiving support from Orange County, New York State Police, and other local agencies in identifying the specific leak location. Working in conjunction with the Department of Health and the County Executive's Office, we have decided to declare a state of emergency in order to be proactive while this problem is being solved. This state of emergency will require residents conserve water (no outside water use, irrigation, etc) so that the system refills quickly, and it will also advise residents to boil water for at least two minutes prior to use for either drinking or food preparation purposes. Additionally, there is limited water available at the Village DPW for residents. This boil water advisory will remain in place until the Department of Health declares otherwise."

He said village officials "were in contact with the Department of Health throughout the morning and around 11:45 it was decided we should begin the advisory. Shortly after this message was posted, a notification call went out, and the State of Emergency was issued. Again, there are no reports of any contaminants in the water, but this is standard DOH protocol when there is a break of this kind to be proactive and ensure safety."

In an earlier updated he said water would return shortly, but that "pressure may be lower than normal while the water tanks are refilling. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time. As Mayor I would like to commend the men and women of the Water Department and the Department of Public Works for their rapid response to this problem."